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Can Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry Legally do this?

Read the 4 Government Documents that prove the Truth and the whole Presentation and you tell me.
Truth, Justice, and the Constitution.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry had sex with children on tape and the Government covers it up.

Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry had sex with children on tape and the Government covers it up. 

 Please forward this link to any person who might care about Government Corruption and Cover ups.
This is a picture of Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry who set up a party so she could have sex with all the the Minors on Video when she was 20 years, 1 month, 16 Days old, on June 25, 1999 and the Government Conspired to cover it up.

In the 4 Government Documents presented here in the first section, you will see a Felony Crime was committed by the Government to cover up that Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry did knowingly produce and have sex with minors when she was 20 years old. The cover up was orchestrated by S.A Cynthia McCants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation but also included, Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department, Michael Rhett Dehart of the United States Attorneys Office, Judge P. Michael Duffy of the Federal Department of Justice, along with many other Federal, State, and County Officials including my Government paid Public Pretenders. If you read to the end you see proof of that.

     You look at the Evidence and you be the Judge. A Crime by Government Officials is Wrong!

The covered up was orchestrated by S.A Cynthia McCants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who was the first to contact Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry on February 25 and 26, 2002. Agent McCants knew she wanted to keep Andrea's age off the Record so she had to find a way to avoid using Rule 41 of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

On February 27, 2002, to avoid using Federal Rule 41, S.A Cynthia McCants solicits the aid of Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department. That way she could cover up Andrea Crisel's age because she no longer was bound by Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure requiring the Federal Search Warrant be issued by a Federal Magistrate or State Court of Record. Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department can go to a State Magistrate that is very informal and keeps no formal records of the Warrants they issue making it easy to commit perjury to get the Warrants.

[ Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department's, arrest reports from S.L.E.D for sex crimes against children committed at the same time he committed perjury to get my warrants can be found after this presentation.]

The First document; is page 9 of a Grand Jury Transcript from April 9, 2002. I was arrested on February 28, 2002 for Andrea's tapes. In this document,

Michael Rhett Dehart of the United States Attorneys Office ask the Question: How do you know that some of the participants were minors?

S.A Cynthia McCants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Answers: I have their dates of birth and we have the date on the video.

S.A Cynthia McCants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Michael Rhett Dehart of the United States Attorneys Office continue to lie all the way through there scripted presentation before the Grand Jury on April 9, 2002, but have made clear that they know the age of every participant in the tapes.

December 19, 2013 Michael Rhett Dehart of the United States Attorneys Office, Judge P. Michael Duffy of the Federal Department of Justice knowingly committed Perjured Testimony in another Transcripts to Facilitate this Conspiracy and force me to stop trying to put this Evidence on the Record. They sent me to Prison for 45 day and tried to make it more thinking it would make me stop trying to put the Truth on the Record. That is how I met the Sexual Predator convicted of Stalking Michael (Mike) Steven 'Ricky' Davis.

On May 8, 2018 Judge Hall of The State Department of Justice also aids with Federal Government influence to Cover up this Government Crime in State Civil Court where I sued for the years of Stalking and Terrorizing of me by Michael (Mike) Steven 'Ricky' Davis prompting the use of Social Media. Theodore Wagner vs. Designa Print and Mike Davis including anyone who is Complicit or Enabled protecting Mike Davis. Docket No. 2015-CP-10-4166.

With Judge Hall on May 7, 2018 saying he was going to require Andrea to come in and testify even with all the Federal People standing with Andrea in the State Court and I had given him all these documents and more, I was sure The Truth would be put on the Record. On the morning of May 8, 2018, seconds after Judge Hall entered the Courtroom he threw this Case out. I have to wonder.

The Second Document; is the Indictment given to the Grand July on April 9, 2002. S.A Cynthia McCants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Michael Rhett Dehart of the United States Attorneys Office are very clear that all 4 videos are from 1999 and they clearly Date 3 of the Videos as June 25, 1999. So now there in no disputing the dates of the tapes as the same 4 people including 20 year old Andrea Gentry are performing sex acts in all 4 Videos.

The Third Document; is Andrea Lynn Crisel now going by Andrea Lynn Gentry of Ladson, South Carolina Official 10 Year Driver Record. It clearly has Andrea Lynn Crisel on this Government Document and her Birthday is clearly marked. DOB 5/9/1979.
Now if you take a Date of Birth of May 9, 1979 and figure it with the Date of the Tapes, June 25, 1999, you get 20 years, 1 month, 16 days old. You do the math. That is an Adult.

The Fourth Document; is page 6 of a Grand Jury Transcript from April 9, 2002. In this document is the proof of the Ongoing Government Cover-up. All 4 of these Documents are Government Documents and 3 of them are from the Grand Jury Hearing on April 9, 2002.
But first you need to understand who everyone is and what transpired on June 25, 1999 to understand. I was with Candice Christensen who was 22 year old getting ready for dinner about 6:00 pm. when my wife Andrea comes in the door with 2 large boxed of Trojan Rubbers and 3 of her friends asking if they can play with the camera. My wife is a Freak and an Adult who does what she wants. I always let her do what she wants.
Victim A: is Andrea Lynn Crisel Gentry who is 20 years, 1 month, 16 days old on that day. You saw a picture of her at the top of the page.
Victim B: is Barbie Cribbs. My wife's long time lover I met that day.
Victim J: Is Josh Summers who is Barbie Cribbs boyfriend I met that day.

Victim D: Is Drew Sherman or something like that. He is 1 of the 3 Guys who called themselves the Trench Coat Gang in the 1990s that was arrested for planing to copy the Columbine High School massacre at James Island High School. He was my wife Andrea's 19 year old brothers best friend and I believed was 19.  

 Notice that Cynthia McCants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Michael Rhett Dehart of the United States Attorneys Office are very careful to say Victim A and never say her age was 20. They do state the age of all 3 of her friends. The question is why did these 2 Federal Government Officers work so hard to Mislead the Grand Jury that Andrea Crisel was a minor and a victim. They never to this day have admitted that she was a 20 Year Old Adult who threw that party and had sex with every girl and boy there. Andrea was clear on the tapes that it was was her party and I could not have sex with Barbie. I never had sex with anyone, never got undressed, and I never held the camera one time. Andrea Crisel worked at La Petite Day Care on Harbor View Road the whole time she was into her Freak with Children.

Why did all of these Federal, State, and County Government Officials work so hard to Mislead to the Grand Jury and why is it so hard when it can be shown on 4 Government Documents for me to get any person to see it or care.
Someone out there has to be smart enough to see it in these 4 Government Documents that a Conspiracy to Commit a Crime by the Government was ommitted.

U.S. vs. Conley, 186 F. 3d. 7, 15; Lying to Grand Jury
Police Officer lies to cover up for other Police.
“Conley obstructed and endeavored to obstruct the grand jury investigation by giving false, evasive, and misleading testimony and withholding information, in violation of 18 U.S.C § 1503.
Crimes and Criminal Procedure
18 U.S.C. § 1503
Influencing or injuring officer of juror generally
(a) Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force,k or by any threatening letter or communication, endeavors to influence, intimidate, or impede any grand or petit juror, or officer in or of any court of the United States, or officer who may be serving at any examination or other proceeding before any United States magistrate judge or other committing magistrate, in the discharge of his duty, or injures any such grand or petit juror in his person or property of account of any verdict or indictment assented to by him, or on account of his being or having been such juror, or injures any such officer, magistrate judge, or other committing magistrate in his person or property on account of the performance of his official duties, or corruptly or by threats or force, of by any threatening letters of communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).
If the offense under this section occurs in connection with a trial of a criminal case, and the act in violation of this section involves the treat of physical force or physical force, the maximum term of imprisonment which may be imposed for the offense shall be the higher of that otherwise provided by law or the maximum term that could have been imposed for any offense charged in such case.
(b) The punishment for an offense under this section is -
  1. in the case of a killing, the punishment provides in sections 1111 and 1112;
  2. in the case of an attempted killing, or a case in which the offense was committed against a petit juror and in which a class A or B felony was charged, imprisonment for not more that 20 years, a fine under this title, or both; and
  3. in any other case, imprisonment of not more than 10 years, a fine under this title,or both.
U.S. Attorney Rhett Dehart and S. A. Cynthia McCants did corruptly endeavor to influence and impede the Grand Jury in a Court of the United States and corruptly influenced, obstruct, impeded, and endeavored to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, at the April 9, 2002 Grand Jury Hearing when they orchestrated a Cover up of Victim A, Andrea Crisel's age as 20 years old on June 25, 1999 to aid in the Ongoing Conspiracy with Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office to cover up the perjured testimony of Detective Crews to obtain a number of warrants including the Search Warrant in violation of U.S. vs. Colkley, 899 F. 2d. 299 (4th Cir. 1990)

Kyles vs. Whitly, 115 S.Ct. 1555 (1995)
Prosecutor has a Duty to Learn of any Favorable Evidence
Conviction and death sentence reversed where state withheld eyewitness and informant statements, and a list of license numbers. Withheld evidence is to be evaluated collectively, not item by item, and the standard is a “Reasonable Probability” of a different result. The Court also made clear that “the individual prosecutor has a duty to learn of any favorable evidence known to the others acting on the Government's behalf in the case, including the police.”

U.S. Attorney Rhett Dehart did not have to learn of this favorable Evidence he knew and worked to cover it up.

U.S. v. Toscanino, 500 F. 2d. 267 (1974)
Defendant was convicted in U.S. District Court NY for Conspiracy to import and distribute narcotics He appealed because he had been kidnapped and brought to the U.S. (Remanded)
Page 272. No longer is it limited to the guarantee of “fair” procedure at trial. In an effort to deter police misconduct, the term has been extended to bar the government from realizing directly the fruits of its own deliberate and unnecessary lawlessness in bringing the accused to trial. U.S. v. Russell, 93 S. Ct. 193 (1973) ….....
Page 274. “Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example”. Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438, 484 – 485 (1928) 48 S.Ct. Reporter
Tell me what you think?

Now lets take it one step further. Savage & Savage, P.A. is stamped on the bottom of 3 of the above Documents from the April 9, 2002 Grand Jury Hearing. I did not see these with my Lawyer's stamp on them until I was railroaded into prison by Andy Savage and others.

So lets go back to the beginning. This is so Abridged and will be missing 100s of pages of Evidence but it will prove more of the Ongoing Conspiracy and the Government Documents will prove my lawyers participation in it.
Lets start with my arrest. It had been years sense I had let my wife throw any of her Orgy's at our house. She was into some real wild stuff and would watch Child Porn at the Mayor of James Island's house, Mary Clark, with her grandson who lived there, JJ Clark. The Government covered that up also and that my computer had never been to a porn site and had no porn on it.

When Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department showed up at my house on February 28, 2002 I told him I wanted to see the Search Warrant and Arrest Warrant. Detective Crews and his partner refused and then went for their guns. I complied. But I never stopped asking for the Warrants. I did not get to see the Search Warrant until November of 2002 because my lawyers said only the Lawyers are aloud to see any Evidence, not the Defendant. Lot more on that later.

My Warrants were applied for and gotten on February 28, 2002. I now would like to present the Arrest Warrants and Affidavits for Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department.
 Please make note that Detective Crews was assaulting the youngest of the 3 girls in 2000 when she was 10 years old. Not only did he assault them for year before and after he perjured himself to get my warrants but the Warrant and Affidavit is clear he was doing it on February 28, 2002 when S.A Cynthia McCants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation orchestrated and conspired with him to cover up the Truth to get the Warrants.

I put the New Paper Article next even though its importance will prove more relevance later when I show how Andy Savage set me up as my replacement Lawyer and gets Detective William Crews off of his sex charges against children and is not on the Registry.

 Both of my Government Supplied Public Pretenders Guy Vittetta and Ann Walsh told me the same thing. Defendants are not allowed to have access to the Search Warrant, or any Evidence until after you are sentenced. I am not allowed to have My Diaries which clearly showed the first time Andrea and I were together and I never had sex with her when she was under statutory age, 2 years after Constitutional age. My Diaries showed everything I have done sense 1980 when Elizabeth Barron said it was very important that I start a Ledger of my life. They would Prove I never broke any law. Both Lawyers said that “My Diaries” are now the property of the Government. I ask for my “Will” which named my wife Andrea Crisel as Beneficiary and here mother as Executor. The “Will” clearly talked about these Tapes and them belonging to Andrea. Both of my Lawyers said “My Will” just like “My Diaries” now belong to the Government and I can not use them as Evidence.
To much explanation to go into now. I can explain how Guy Vittetta set me up more another time. Lets jump to November 2002. I was told how to file for Discovery. I got the Search Warrant and other Evidence that showed my Lawyers had set me up. I sent many letters to Judge Duffy trying to fire my lawyer, Ann Walsh.

I finally got a hearing to Fire Ann Walsh after several months of trying. I told the Judge to put Ann Walsh at the Prosecutor's table. She intentionally lied to me about Law and Evidence. Ms. Walsh kept saying she did nothing wrong. I finally dumped the Evidence on the table and she Admitted to withholding Evidence from me to protect someone else. There was a 100 things, not one thing. This is from the Government Transcript of that hearing. What gives my Government Paid Public Pretender the right to aid the Prosecution at all!

 She was let go and I was yelling I want a REAL LAWYER! A few days later Andy Savage shows up. I was so happy. I showed him piles of Evidence that I had collected on my own and I wanted him to Challenge Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department for Committing Perjury to get the Warrants and how we could do it. Andy Savage stakes all the papers together and hand them back to me. Andy Savage said he would not put anything on the record to discredit Detective William Crews. Andy Savage looked me in my face and said he was only hired to sentence me. Andy Savage only made jokes about me in court and never once tried to help defend me. I did not know he had all the Evidence in the big folder in front of him I use now and would not give it to me. I did not see the 3 Grand Jury Documents at the beginning of this Blog that have his Law firm's name on them until after I kept screaming for an appeal. I was given 2 years 7 months extra time because I would not stop fighting to put the Truth on the Record.

That is me talking in the Transcript on April 21, 2003. Andy Savage just make jokes with Judge Duffy and laughed at me.
Notice I say: “This whole case was to do with age. It is impossible to believe the whole prosecution team did not take May 9th, 1979 and June 9, 1999 and the indictment and figure out that Andrea was 20 years old.” I notice all through the Transcripts the transcriber does not put down what I said correctly but the First 4 Government Documents at the beginning of this Blog show they did figure out the Age of Andrea Crisel Gentry as 20 years old and Conspired to hide it from the Grand Jury and the People.

By Law Andrea and I were Divorced on July 11, 2014, but as we both stated in our Oath to Father God when we made our Vows we are not, and I will never Release Andrea from her Oath to God. May she be judge for that on Judgment Day.

 Notice all the Documents that say Savage & Savage P.A.. Even the ones where Andy Savage Refused to defend me and put the Truth and the Whole Truth on the Record. Going back to the where Andy Savage told me he would not put anything on the Record to discredit Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department and keep in mind the News Paper Article where Andy Savage is defending Detective William Crews. A big name Lawyer like Andy Savage Aided in an Ongoing Conspiracy to cover up the Truth in my case and kept Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry and Detective William Crews of the Charleston County Sheriffs Department who both committed sex crimes against children from having a record or having to be put on the Sexual Registry. Nobody sees anything wrong with just the little bit of Evidence I have presented. There is a lot more. But I am not a Lawyer and Lawyers are part of the System.
 If you believe in Truth, Justice, and the Constitution, please forward this to any and all persons who might care.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Constitutional Challenge for the Truth under the Ninth Amendment about Mike Davis

Today Tuesday, May 8, 2018 I had my court case to put the Truth on the recorded thrown out in

Theodore Wagner VS. Designa Print and Mike Davis including anyone who is Complicit or Enabled protecting Mike Davis. Docket No. 2015-CP-10-4166. 

I do not think the video is going to Download. I do not know how to use a computer but will have to find someone to help me learn. It is a video of Mike Davis Terrorizing me after braking in my house at like 4:00 am. in the morning and trying to get in our house.

Mike Davis is Very Dangerous and after all these year I finally got my day in court with a Jury and Judge Hall through it out. I will add all the Evidence I showed him on January 21, 2014 and all the Evidence of his Stalking and Terrorizing he was convicted on Felony State Charges for. I have to learn  how to use Facebook now.

Every person has a protected Ninth Amendment Right to have the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth told about them. Later I will explain how it is a violation of the First Amendment again to Oppress the Right of Redress.

Mug Shot From Charleston City Police Department

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Government has turned on God and the United States Constitution.

      I have again made several petitions challenging the Right of the Government to Oppress the Right of Redress. The First Amendment just as the South Carolina Constitution are clear the NO PART of Government has a right to Oppress the peoples Right of a Full and Fair Redress of Grievances.When I Brought it up in Court in Front of Judge Dennis he laughed. How can you get Justice in America when the Evil Ones of Government and even the President of the United States, President Obama is willing to sell his SOUL to Satin to keep the Ill-gained power of the Government. I Will file an appeal again. This shows that All Off Government Has Willfully Conspired against the Almighty God. I need someone you believe in The Creative Force - Father God and will help me restore the Commanded Protection of the U.S. Constitution.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ongoing Conspiracy Against The South Carolina Constitution

      It is my belief that if you you take and OATH or give your word in the Name of God that you will keep that OATH that you have a duty to do so. I find out I now understand that President Obama just as everyone else in government takes that OATH because it is required to receive a pay check or monetary gains. Wen they bound their Soul to their word they had no intention of keeping it.

     I go before the Court again as I have many times before to Petition the Court to give a Full and Fair Redress of my Grievance that the Government is Knowingly and Intentionally Complicit or Enabling the Ongoing Conspiracy to cover up that the First Amendment and South Carolina's Constitution commands that the Government make no law respecting the right of the people to a Full and Fair Redress of Grievances.

     In Theodore Wagner vs. South Carolina, 2015-CP-10-01303, on May 11, 2016 I will again ask South Carolina's Assistant General Attorney to Answer all of my grievances and Challenges of Laws made in violation of the Sought Carolina's Constitution.

     I believe that South Carolina's Assistant General Attorney, Marcie Greene is going to Conspiring to cover up the Evidence that has been submitted in this case. South Carolina has twice been lawfully served with this grievance. Marcie Greene took an OATH of Office to defend the Integrity of the S.C. Constitution. I believe she will again on May 11, 2016 use her power of office to cover up this Conspiracy. All I am asking is for the Court to give a Full and Fair Redress of my Grievance and give me my Constitutional right to a Trial By Jury.

   We will see how HONORABLE the South Carolina Courts truly are.

    May Truth And Justice Prevail.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

South Carolina Attorney Generals Office Defaults

The South Carolina Attorney Generals Office Defaulted on the Lawsuit I had against them. They would not even file and Answer. Now I am asking for the 1 Billion Dollars in damages they owe me.

I've changed my phone number to 843-406-2508. I still can't get my blog to link to my web page  blog .

Monday, July 20, 2015

They have blocked my blog links.

I just went to to put my new home phone number (843) 805-7156 on it. I find that the blog link has been shut down.

I have had several cases wins in the last few months but now the "South Carolina Attorney General will not show to the court hearings.

The U.S. Supreme Court has banned me from putting my First Amendment challenge before them without 350.00 dollars. They know I am disabled and only have 50 .00 dollars a month after bills.

Not one person I ask will help and now this. If you have any suggestions call me. I do not have long distance so if you are out of the 843 area code I can not call you. Please call back.

The Right of Redress is worth it. The government is getting more and more power and we have to restore this First Amendment Right.

Theodore Wagner
Constitutional Patriot
Charleston, South Carolina